Half air
half earth he is
half bird
and the other half human

A non-flying bird
a walking bird
his head twisting
twisting again
listening, whistling

The inner world
of birdman
is that vast expance
permanently shapeshifting
under the influence
of birdsong
sliced by tjif-tjaf, commanded by ren,
consolated and set free again
by robin and blackbird

in the background the
grave tones of the woodpigeon
talk of all
things passing

Birdman walks the earth gently
his firm floppy feet
plant themselves
between the bluebells

His heart is up there
where his feathered frineds
shape the edges
of his universe
not only by their
singing, their fleight and their
unimaginable colours
but even more by their
their silence
their capacity
to retreat
into complete

That is where finally
all our longing
finds its fulfilment