The subject tonight is love

I was alone
I asked God for a mate
an intimate friend
both in the realm of the flesh
and the realm of the soul,
both here in the material world
and in the spiritual one

He, in his goodness
granted my wish

sent me

Now, to be honest
long before I met you
I already had gathered some ideas about you
about how you should be

And of course you didn’t meet any of my expectations
nor did you even have the slightest intention to do so

As I only found out some tiresome time later
it was a blessing in disguise that you didn’t

Hafiz effortlesly sticks his wooly beard
over the small table of space and time

And there is not even such a table
standing in between us

So good
my dearest
to finally arrive here in this land
beyond wrong doing and right doing
where we originally met

Lets dance and sing
and live and laugh and celebrate
free of expectations
yet full of expectancy